Knowledge about coating

Release time :2018-09-22Reading volume : 1262

When printing a part of the material, the surface of the material must be processed before printing begins. It does not mean that all materials can be printed without coating. This coating-free printing is conditional.

For example, the surface of the plastic material can be free of coating, and the mobile phone case and the notebook case are common. However, some are not coated with coatings, such as glass, glazed tiles, metal, etc., which have any high surface density and smoothness.

The benefits of using a coating have the following benefits:

Drying speed

The coating is prepared with special chemical materials, and it is dried in about three minutes after spraying, especially in the smoother materials such as glass, porcelain and metal.

2. Better print quality

If it is directly printed on some materials, it is mainly smooth and non-absorbent material, the effect is poor, and the effect after coating is extraordinary.

3. Wear and waterproof

Because of the adhesive composition in the coating ingredients, the ink and material adsorption force is very superior after printing, far exceeding the wear resistance of the untreated state, and the waterproofness of the material after coating is far more than that. Coating status.

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