How to save the printing cost?

Release time :2018-09-21Reading volume : 1323

Printing costs are critical to every customer, especially when it comes to mass production, reducing printing costs leads to more profit. The main factors affecting printing costs are the following 4 points.

1. Select the appropriate print mode. Don't set high precision for any print. The higher precision, the more ink is consumed. Some designs don't need high precision to print, such as wood grain design.

2. Material procurement should be reasonable, try to buy raw materials with white background, so that you can print color directly.

3. The surface of the material should be cleaned to reduce the scrap rate of production.

4. The embossing effect will bring visual and tactile impact, and also need to print more white ink, but not every picture is suitable for embossing effect, so it‘s necessary to select embossed printing according to actual needs.